Sunday, June 12, 2005

New plug-in for use ASP.NET applications in Linux !!!

Grasshopper Developer Zone, is a site designed for Visual Studio developers interested in creating applications for Linux. Here, you can find Grasshopper, a freely available Visual Studio .NET plug-in you can use to develop ASP.NET applications for Linux and any Java-enabled platform. You'll also find a bunch of technical resources that will get you hopping from Visual Studio to Linux in minutes.
Why extend the Visual Studio environment to Linux, you may ask. For most developers, Visual Studio .NET is second to none when it comes to developing Web applications and Web services. And yet, we?re hearing from Windows developers that they would also like to write applications for Linux. So why not use what you already know to develop applications for Linux?

Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 available with PC Actual Magazine

The new Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 is available with the PC Actual Magazine of June. (Spanish Edition)

These betas are the "express" edition of the future "Visual Studio 2005", we can test this "express" tools for Visual C#, Visual J#, Visual Basic, Visual Web Developer and SQL Server 2005. Microsoft provide us with a lot of tutorials and documentation.

...I'll test it, my Master!!!

David, you are a Master !!!!

Last Tuesday, I went to the coference "Aplications for Smart Clients in .NET" at the UPV (University Polytechnical of Valencia - Spain). This conference as carried out by David Salgado, David is MVP from Microsoft in C# and he is a "crack" in .NET.

David talk to us about:

Smart Documents in Office 2003 and .NET,
Smart Clients and
Compact Framework.

The session was very funny with online examples with the "vi editor".

Thanks David!!!

...yes, my Master!